Town of Wayne, Maine


Comprehensive Planning Committee

The Comprehensive Planning Committee is an ad-hoc committee  appointed by the Board of Selectmen set-up for the purpose of updating the Town's Comprehensive Plan. The Town's Comprehensive Plan outlines the communities assets and land-use / development strategy. The Board of Selectmen appointed a representative from each of the Town's land-use development boards (Board of Appeal, 1 member; Planning Board, 1 member; Conservation Commission, 1 member; Board of Selectmen, 1 member; 3 members, at large). This committee meets every third Wednesday of each month at the Wayne Elementary School Library at 6:00 PM, however, everyone is invited to attend these meetings to participate. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact the committee chairperson and vice-chairperson who are Theresa Kerchner and Lloyd Irland.

 Wayne Comprehensive Planning Committee

In summer 2013, the Select Board empanelled a Committee to review and revise the Town’s 2001 Comprehensive Plan. An updated plan is required under state laws. New community issues have arisen over the past decade, so a good look at the Town’s Comprehensive Plan makes sense. The Select Board’s guidance was, “Do it well; how long it takes is not the concern”. 
The Committee began its work with a briefing by a state official whose office administers the statewide program.  The take-away message was that, while there are procedural steps that must be taken, we need not rush.  Also, we should focus first and foremost on a Plan that meets Wayne’s needs.  During a series of monthly meetings, we talked with a variety of groups and individuals about issues and concerns.  We heard presentations about the Village Area, the Fire Department, Cary Library, the Wayne Elementary School, Sustain Wayne, water quality in Wayne’s lakes and streams, and a number of many other town related topics.
The Committee has maintained regular communications with Lake Associations, other town committees, and with the Select Board. The Conservation Commission has provided support on technical issues, assembling data on water quality trends and developing the materials on natural resources and environmental matters.  Extensive information was assembled and reviewed at the meetings, dealing with economic and population changes, water quality trends, and financial and economic trends.
By the time of Town Meeting in June, 2015, the Committee will have presented draft goals and strategies to the Select Board, and prepared summaries of these goals for distribution at Town Meeting.  During the summer there will be a widely advertised public discussion meeting on the Plan’s goals.
The Select Board will review a draft plan that incorporates comments from the public discussion and a formal public hearing will be held in the fall.   Further revisions based on the hearing will follow. The Select Board will send a draft Plan to the state for its approval late in 2016.  This will largely be a formal check to ensure compliance with the statues and regulations concerning local comprehensive plans.  Whatever revisions are needed will be made and the Plan will be ready for an adoption vote at Town Meeting 2016.
The Select Board and the Committee welcome comments, issues to be raised, and suggestions at any time, in addition to the formal events noted above.
Click on documents and you will go to the Comprehensive Plan Committee's documents folder, enclosed is a copy of the "Comprehensive Plan (submitted for State Review)."
Theresa Kerchner, Co-Chair                             Lloyd Irland, Co-Chair
Teco Brown                                                    Dave Petell     
Anne Huntington                                            Steve Saunders
Steve McLaughlin                                           Bruce Mercier