Town of Wayne, Maine


Conservation Commission

Dear Wayne Citizens,

This year, the Conservation Commission’s activity was dominated by involvement with the Comprehensive Planning Committee including participation of two of its members on that committee.  We were just keeping up on other matters.
The Select Board sought the Commission’s view on two major issues over the past year.

First, they asked for our views concerning  issues of erosion and sedimentation from town and camp roads, and for input on the question of protecting water quality from occasional instances of nonperforming subsurface waste disposal systems.  A briefing was held with the full Board, augmented by a helpful talk on Wayne’s geology by Woody Thompson.  This subject continues to be a topic of discussion with the Board, in addition to its continuing consideration in the Comprehensive Plan revision process.

Second was the opportunity presented by the Town’s acquisition for taxes of a large property fronting Wilson Pond.  The commission conducted several field visits, discussed management issues, and delivered a briefing to the Select Board with its recommendations.  At this writing, negotiations with the former owner are in progress to see if a solution can be found that lead to his recovering ownership after paying back taxes, and a conservation easement being created that will retain the land’s major open space and recreational values. 

Over the spring and summer of last year, Commission members Pam Green and Anne Huntington prepared wall size maps illustrating various environmental and natural resource features of Wayne for display in the Williams House.  These proved popular with visitors, and a regular program of briefings on the maps was offered under the name of Wayne Naturally.   This program continues (not active, though we continue to be available to answer questions).  In connection with its work, Commission members conducted informal field visits to Muddy Pond, the Desert of Wayne, and the property near Wilson Pond, among other locations.

A long process of work on the identification of vernal pools in town is nearing completion.  Information developed over a series of field visits has been forwarded to state agencies for their final decisions. Several years ago the town voted to initiate this process and funded cooperation with Readfield to acquired detailed air photos of the Town for this purpose.  A photomosaic is available for viewing at the Town Office; we think it would be useful to property owners and others for various purposes.   Our thanks go to Commission member Leslie Latt for leading this effort, which has been assisted by many volunteers. 
The Commission is looking for two new members.  We would welcome hearing from anyone interested to invest some time in this interesting process.
Respectfully Submitted,
Wayne Conservation Commission
Lloyd C. Irland            (6/30/2015)      Chair  
Pam Green                 (6/30/2015)      Secretary
Leslie Latt                  (6/30/2015)
Ken Spalding              (6/30/2013)
Anne Huntington         (6.30/2013)