Town of Wayne, Maine


Town Manager

Aaron Chrostowsky, Town Manager
Aaron Chrostowsky, Town Manager














Town Manager:        Aaron J. Chrostowsky

Address:                   Physical Address:    48 Pond Road, Wayne, ME 04284
                                Mailing Address:      P.O. Box 400, Wayne, ME 04284

Office Hours:            During normal office hours, or by appointment

Telephone:                 (207) 685-4983 

Fax:                             (207) 685-3836 


The Town Manager is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Town and is responsible to the Board of Selectmen for the effective administration of all Town affairs placed in the Town Manager's charge, by laws of the State of Maine, adopted ordinance, and Board resolutions.

The Town Manager has three primary areas of function:

  • serving and protecting the health, safety and life of the people of the community through the effective delivery of public services;
  • managing the financial resources of the Town, ever-mindful of ensuring public trust in the collection and use of those funds;
  • providing the Board of Selectmen with sufficient and well researched information to assist and guide them in making policy decisions.

    Additional duties of the Town Manager are as follows:
  • Road Commissioner
  • Health Officer
  • General Assistance Administrator